Wanted, Buy, Sell, Trade

Studio Intern Sought We’ve developed an extensive hands-on internship program designed to take interns through every step of the audio engineering process and beyond. If you are a creative, energetic, and driven individual passionate about exploring the arts, music and education, CONTACT us. Benefit from having a studio at your fingertips. Gear Wanted Trades offered … Continue reading

Cordovox Accordion Amp Conversion with Schematics

Converting a 1962 Cordovox Accordion Amp to a guitar amp…   A brief build summary: Tone Generator Cabinet gutted. Components parted out and scrapped. Tone Generator Cabinet used for build. Chosen for existing control panel cutout. Cabinet modified with 2×12 speaker baffle. Original Jensen C12R Speakers relocated. Amplifier Chassis moved to tone generator cabinet. Circuit … Continue reading

Japanese Guitar

Japanese Guitar Research indicates it’s a somewhat rare Japanese Inter-Mark guitar. An import-export company, they didn’t actually manufacture guitars. It was probably made by Kawai/Teisco and rebranded under one of several names: Inter-Mark, Cipher, Pleasure, or Columbia. The Columbia Record Club offered Inter-Marks at one time, as did various departments stores. A setup and neck … Continue reading

S Hawk Ltd.

S Hawk Ltd. Favored by Rory Gallagher, and shamefully copied, the S. Hawk II Tonal Expander has become “the holy grail of boosters”. Also pictured is the Hawk 1 Overdrive booster linear pre-amp/fuzz with volume control. We’ve made a promise to never crack the case on these units, so don’t ask. Our friend Harry Kolbe, … Continue reading

An Old Parlor Guitar

An Old Parlor Guitar Here’s a guitar that is something of an enigma. Although identified as a 1920’s Harmony, this guitar bears many of the hallmarks of a little-known brand of parlor guitar–McKinney. Although construction style indicates Harmony manufacture, these guitars have also been attributed to Regal. McKinney may have been one of Regal or … Continue reading

50’s/60’s 50EH5 Tube Guitar Amp

I’ve been able to learn very little about this recent acquisition. I’d be glad to hear from anyone who may have some information regarding this vintage tube amp. I’ve drawn up a schematic of this vintage 50eh5 tube amp HERE. The value of some components, such as the early ceramic capacitors remain inconclusive. Although some … Continue reading

Hum-Free Premier 90 Reverberation Mods, Schematics and Impulse Response IR’s

——————————————————————————————– BEFORE READING FURTHER PLEASE NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH NEW SCHEMATICS AND INFORMATION ON OUR NEW WEBSITE Premier 90 Reverberation Mods, Schematics and Impulse Response IR’s PLEASE VISIT OUR MOST RECENT UPDATES AT NOISEMIKERS.COM ——————————————————————————————– Download our impulse response IR’s for this Premier 90 Spring reverb unit here: Premier 90 Spring Reverb … Continue reading

MTI Rotophaser with Footswitch Schematics and Images

The MTI Rotophaser is a rotating tremolo horn speaker system made in Italy in the 1970s. It is similar to the top half of a Leslie cabinet. Intended to be driven by an external amplifier, a crossover network allows the Rotophaser to be paired with an external speaker cabinet. An external footswitch is necessary to … Continue reading