Session Musicians

You’re  ready to record your next project but– maybe you need a little help? As a musician, you’re not alone.

We frequently receive requests from people seeking studio musicians.

If you’re frustrated by the difficult process of finding the right person,  whether it’s guitars, bass, drums or awesome vocals,  please CONTACT us.

As a recording studio, we make every possible effort to locate the perfect talent for our clients. After all, your satisfaction is our goal.

We maintain an up-to-date database of  talented musicians of all genres and make these services available to our clients.

If you need  a highly skilled session musician OR

If you’re a musician hoping to offer your services, we hope you’ll Get In Touch!

Coming very soon, you’ll be able access the services of these very talented artists through our online databases at and

You’ll be able to find and post opportunities,  list upcoming events,  offer your own services to the community, or even find a new bandmate.  Stay tuned!