“Played the amp at practice the other day. That mod really sounded great. Everyone heard the difference and loved how it sounded. Just wanted to say thanks again for the super fast turnover.”

Equipment Repair, Mods and More.

We’ve got a lot of experience repairing and modding audio gear here at the studio and the soldering iron is always hot.

If your gear needs repair or restoration and you don’t think you have the skill, confidence or money to get the job done, give us a call.

We can bias your amps, diagnose many common issues, and replace out-of-spec and worn components with the extensive inventory of components we have on hand.

Custom Guitar Pedals

All of the audio gear on this page is custom built to order and is uniquely designed.  Subjected to many years of refinement in our studio, we’ve come up with a number of designs that are sure to find a spot on your pedalboard.

We’ve proudly gone from swords to plowshares with our builds.  Our pedals are handmade using many of the same tools and components once used in the construction of WWII navigational systems, Cold War missile guidance systems, submarines, and more.  You wont find them anywhere else

Building and designing a pedal means that there are choices that can be made for every step along the way.  Being able to modify a tone stack or otherwise customize a circuit along with having the ability to choose high quality components, like audio capacitors and metal film resistors, results in a product that is not only unique but of great quality.

We encourage you to stop by the studio and check out our many fine builds.

Fuzzin’ Buzzturd – Bass Fuzz

We wanted to build a pedal exclusively for bass with warm and saturated fuzztones without the loss clarity and range typical of most commercially available bass fuzzes.  This pedal ranges from sly, subtle and naturally dirty to freakily fuzzish with abundant synth-like sustain.

The Carini – Vintage Opamp Fuzz

A unique circuit design capable of providing classic overdriven fuzz tones ranging from subtly overdriven to overwhelmingly gritty.

Mil Spec – Vintage Transistor Fuzzdrive

A very interactive and touch responsive fuzz face with exorbitant amount of  available gain.  Adjustable input sensitivity makes it easy to customize the response to your picking style or signal chain.  This  powerful pedal can go from clean and punchy to downright dirty and works great when used with your guitar’s volume knob. Limited quantities of these vintage mil-spec transistors remain.

Blooper – Blender Looper

An audiophile quality clean buffered looper with blend knob, dual sends/returns, A/B switching and phase switch.  Whether you’d like to mix your clean tone with an effects chain,  blend two effects chains together, or drive a two amps with buffered sends, this versatile pedal does it, and well.

Shock Booster

18 volts provide a strong clean boost that will push the front end of your amp into either tube-saturated frenzy or compressed clarity.

Isoply – Isolated DC Power Supply Available in multiple voltages

This is a clean and reliable transformer isolated regulated power supply with 9, 12, or 18 volt 100ma dc outputs. Hum and buzz free and perfect for the studio. Built to your specs.

Lemurtone Mic Pre  (Coming Soon) 

The prototype looks very promising for this studio quality two channel microphone preamp with phantom power.  An audiophile quality toroidal power supply drives quality opamps and 48v phantom power.