Reslo Ribbon Microphone with XLR Connector Mod

Reslo Ribbon Microphone XLR Connector Mod.

Reslo microphones originally came with a now expensive and difficult to find proprietary connector.
I decided to update this mic to accept a standard xlr connection. The photo below shows the results of a couple of hours in the shop. The original threaded reslo connector was removed and ground down to accept a Neutrik XLR connector which was machined to fit. The Neutrik’s retaining insert was modified and screw holes were then tapped in the xlr assembly to secure it to the mic body. The microphone was then rewired. Addition of a ground circuit reduced the noise floor of this mic phenomenally. The transformer was left stock, although a replacement would certainly increase gain and lower the noise floor yet again. Finally, I installed a new ribbon.

Reslo XLR Mod