Studio Tour

We’re always making changes.  We’re proud to say that our studio is now better equipped,  more comfortable, and more inspiring than ever before. Our live room and the control room  incorporate many unique architectural and artistic elements with the purpose of creating a great acoustic space in a visually expressive manner.

Here are some highlights of the studio experience:

A photo of the updated control room with our custom built console desk in place.


In these early control room photos, our outboard rack can be seen standing next to the desk. It stands nearly seven feet tall. Although impressive, it was built from a single sheet of plywood.

recording studio control roomControlRoom

The rather unique acoustic ceiling cloud was made from a vintage seventies fabric art print.

With excellent lines of sight, we’ve got a great view into the live room from the desk.

Lemurland Live Room 3lemurland live roomlava lamps

Very vintage shag carpets are used to customize room acoustics and complement an extensive collection of vintage and modern equipment.

This massive door separates the control room from the live room.  Two layers of 3/4 inch mdf and lots of wood are topped off with a layer of acoustic foam in a double sealed casing. Solid and extremely heavy, it took 3 guys to move this into position and hang it.

Recording Studio Door made of mdfRecording studio door made from mdf

Small details abound. An old 45, serving as a light switch coverplate, adds visual interest and function to the studio. Musicians have dirty fingers.

Built-in corner traps and acoustic  diffusers can be seen in pictures below.

recording studio windowrecording studio window, lava lamps, leslie. live room

From inside the live room, a blue sparkle Danelectro from our rotating collection of vintage guitars adorns the wall.

The photos above show what it looked like during and after the build. The walls are built of staggered studs filled with rockwool and covered with multiple layers of acoustically detached sheet rock.

An entire electrical circuit is dedicated to the display of lava lamps as seen through the control room glass.   That’s a Leslie tucked into the corner  next to the patch panel.

The color schemes of the rooms were selected by a consensus of visiting artists as being the most inspirational to their work.

To inspire the artist’s mood further, the live room has been updated with a variety of colored led lighting.